Larkin Liu


Approximate Nash Equilibrium Learning for n-Player Markov Games in Dynamic Pricing
Larkin Liu (2022)
arXiv Preprint
Applications of Reinforcement Learning in Logistics and Economics
Larkin Liu (2022)
Multi-purpose Presenatation (draft)


An Extensible and Modular Design and Implementation of Monte Carlo Tree Search for the JVM
Larkin Liu, Jun Tao Luo (2021)
arXiv Preprint


Algorithm for Two-Phase Facility Planning via Balanced Clustering and Integer Programming
Larkin Liu (2020)
arXiv Preprint


Multi-Armed Bandit Strategies for Non-Stationary Reward Distributions and Delayed Feedback Processes
Larkin Liu, Richard Downe, Joshua Reid (2019)
Canadian Operations Research Society Annual Conference 2019
Improving the Performance of the LSTM and HMM Model via Hybridization
Larkin Liu, Yu-Chung Lin, Joshua Reid (2019)
arXiv Preprint


Comparative Study between Statistical Fraud Detection Methods on eCommerce Networks
Larkin Liu (2017)
Master of Applied Science Thesis - University of Toronto (2017)


Using Selective Polynomial Regression for Autonomous Driving
Larkin Liu (2015)
Technical Report Excerpt for Undergraduate Course: Microprocessors and Microcontrollers


Summary of Research Activities conducted during the 2012 Summer Semester
Larkin Liu, Viliam Makis (2012)
Quality, Reliability and Maintenance Laboratory, University of Toronto


Automated Measurement of Contact Angles for Sessile Droplets using MATLAB Image analysis Library
Larkin Liu (2011)
Thermodynamics and Kinetics Laboratory, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. University of Toronto